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dOSA Natural Body Care Products

Restorative Eye Pillows

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Give your mind and body permission to relax with our premium weighted eye pillows known for their balancing effects on the nervous system, inducing deep relaxation, better quality of sleep and tranquillity.   

  • Natural Cotton Fiber Washable Cover
  • Chill in freezer or pop in microwave
  • Helpful for meditation, sleep and general relaxation.
  • Use cold to help soothe headaches, help insomnia and relieve irritated eyes
  • Heated increases blood flow and circulation reducing puffiness 

Good for you Natural Organic Body Care that's Good for the Planet:

  1. Sustainable & 100% recyclable cotton packaging
  2. IFRA certified skin safe fragrance not listed
  3. Not listed on CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals
  4. Leaping Bunny certified as Cruelty Free

How to use: Place pillow over your eyes for increased relaxation after a long day.

TO WARM: Place eye pillow in the microwave for 20 seconds on low heat, flip and repeat until warmed to desired heat. 

TO COOL: Place your eye pillow in the freezer, preferably in a sealable bag so that it does not absorb other scents from the freezer. 

TO REFRESH: Remove the outer cover and place a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil inside pillow. Let the oil dry before placing the inner bag back into the outer cover so that you do not stain the outer cover.


    A Conscious Brand with a Fierce Conscience

    undiluted. unpolluted.

    No water, chemical addititives or carcinogens.


    100% recyclable PET packaging

    toxic free fragrances

    IFRA fragrances not listed on CA Prop 65 list of toxic fragrances

    transparent. uncomplicated.

    minimal, simple and cruelty free ingredients