Our Story

The dŌSA Natural Skin Care Product Line was developed by three professional and entrepreneurial women inspired by stories about their Great Grandma Dosa who was born in Mississippi and who had an affinity for Magnolias.  Grandma Dosa instilled a strong since of pride, simple beauty and stressed the importance of honoring the outside of your body as well as the inside.  Not only did she insist on using natural methods to accentuate her natural beauty, she also understood and advocated for daily skin care regimes free of harmful chemicals.  She knew that natural was better.

Recognizing that there seemed to be no shortage of communication about the effects of corrosive additives in food but the effects of these same pollutants in relation to skin care was often omitted, the three sisters set out on a mission to share the traditions and set of core values passed down through generations pushing to change the narrative and to educate the masses.

It is these values that are the driving force behind the dŌSA Skin Care Product Line. Each product is handmade and contain a limited number of powerful and effective natural and organic ingredients.  Harmful chemicals, irritants or synthetic additives are never added.

Authentic. Uncomplicated & Effective.
Skin Care Product Line

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