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Waterless Body Butters
Just 9 simple, sustainable & cruelty-free ingredients
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Mineral Salts.
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exotic salts
Curated with natural botanicals, powders & clays
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Dosa's 2nd Great Grand daughters

everybody deserves happy skin

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Making the world a little bit happier

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This product is amazing I tried it first hand. The scents are soft and spa like and the benefits of the natural ingredients are great. The story behind the product and is inspiring.

Cynthia Robinson

I work in health care and wash my hands several times per hour. Always had a problem to find a product which would help prevent dryness and rough skin and I just found it ! Dosa products are amazing ! Smell great and work quickly. Thank you so much!

Renata Arthur Pniak

dOSA makes some of the best natural products I have ever tried! And the scents are simply superb. Im loving my Georgia each candle!

Kimberly Mace Kimble

Instagram feed

3 Sisters Honoring Legacy. 😍Beautifully Handcrafted Body Care. Natural & Simple 🌿. Promoting Wellness, Self Care & Empowerment 💪🏽