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dOSA Natural Skin Care Products

Blushing Pink Rose Moisture Seal Body Spray

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Dose your skin with a Blushing Pink Rose Moisture Seal Body Spray that infuses your skin with a delicate and luxurious bouquet of pink rose, peony and jasmine. Enjoy a therapeutic scent that lingers longer than a traditional perfume. Lock in and seal the moisture with this “better than perfume” mist, leaving you with a dosa glow and a smile on your face.

What It Smells Like

Luscious and refreshing blend of citrus and fresh fruit.

How This product Gives Back

30% product sales reinvested in low income communities

How To Use

How to use: Spray oil where ever skin feels dry or looks dull and ashy.

Additional Notes

* Non-greasy perfect for dry ashy skin.
* Absorbs in seconds giving skin a radiant glow.
* Non-aerosal, continuous spray dispenses evenly for all-over coverage.
* Instantly softer skin post shower or whenever skin feels dry or looks dull.
* Anhydrous, no water. Concentrated dose of skin loving oils and vitamin E.
* Free from silicones, mineral oil and parabens.

Why Buy From Us

Good for you Natural Organic Body Care that's Good for the Planet:
1. Sustainable & 100% recyclable PET packaging
2. IFRA certified skin safe fragrance not listed
3. Not listed on CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals
4. Leaping Bunny certified as Cruelty Free

    Blushing Pink Rose Moisture Seal Body Spray
    Blushing Pink Rose Moisture Seal Body Spray

    A Conscious Brand with a Fierce Conscience

    • undiluted. unpolluted.

      No water, chemical addititives or carcinogens.

    • sustainable

      100% recyclable PET packaging

    • toxic free fragrances

      IFRA fragrances not listed on CA Prop 65 list of toxic fragrances

    • transparent. uncomplicated.

      minimal, simple and cruelty free ingredients