SPA COLLECTION: Tucuma & Jojoba Moisturizing Body Butter

SPA COLLECTION: Tucuma & Jojoba Moisturizing Body Butter

Spa Collection Body Butter by dOSA Natural Skin Care Products

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A specialty from the Rain Forest, Tucuma Butter is prized for its rich content of polyphenols to combat free radicals in the tissues.  The high levels of lauric, myristic and oleoic fatty acids in Tucuma protect and moisturize the skin.  And, the Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help to tame chaffing and chapping, reduce redness caused by drying, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, and keep skin calm and comfortable.

How to use:  Use dŌSA's Moisturizing Body Butter daily to treat dry skin wherever it's needed. Simply scoop, dab and rub in.  A little goes a long way!

Ingredients:  Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Tucuma Butter, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Jojoba Oil, Soybean Oil, Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder, Cetearyl Alcohol, Essential Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin e)

*Notes:  (1) This product is whipped and should be stored at room temperature. (2) Volume: Medium 4oz jar holds 2.6oz of product and 8oz jar holds 4.8oz of product. (3) If melting or softening of the product occurs, simply place in a cool place until it re-hardens. This does not affect the quality of the product. (4) Do not introduce water to the container since this product is preservative free.