Black owned, family owned, female owned small business

We are sisters and best friends honoring our 2nd great grandmother Dosa McGee who was born in Mississippi and had an affinity for Magnolias. Grandma Dosa believed everyone should have happy skin. Her door was always open and her kitchen was always full.

Inspired by our Grandma, dŌSA Naturals is committed to creating UNDILUTED & UNPOLLUTED waterless body care centered around mindfulness, the celebration of life, sustainability and overall happiness!

Our Inspiration

We are descents of Cycle Breakers where simplicity and the love of family and life are front and center. Since 2017, our ancestors have served as our guidepost. We honor each of them through our Original Collection of Natural Body Butters reflecting a simple formula of only 9 sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients. Lucy Pink Sugar, Emma Sunkist Twist and Delsie Lotus Spa, and others continue to guide and influence the Brand.

Breaking Cycles.
Creating Bosses.

FUTURE CYCLE BREAKERS is all about changing and re-shaping lives. Our Non Profit Organization is aimed at uplifting and elevating the voices of youth in underserved communities. We want all children to learn how to break debilitating cycles while adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Proceeds from each sale supports this mission.

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Everybody deserves
happy skin.

- Dosa McGee

So many ways we're making the world happier!

Water-free means we're combating the global water crisis and making water accessible to millions suffering from the current global water crisis.

By supporting us you are:

Supporting Black Owned Small Businesses and helping to build up communities, create jobs and opportunities, and close the racial wealth gap.

Supporting Sustainability and helping improve the quality of lives, protect our ecosystem and preserve natural resources for future generations.

Uplifting & Empowering Underserved Youth to become Cycle Breakers and Entrepreneurs through our Non Profit FUTURE CYCLE BREAKERS!