Who needs anti-depressants when you can smell oranges? That's right 😍😜🍊.The bright citrus fragrance relieves anxiety, lifts up one's mood and does it all while making you look sexy as hell. 🍊💋

It's true! Here's how.

1. It’s naturally relaxing. Orange fragrance is known to be a mild sedative and can naturally relax you after a long, hard day without the risks and side effects of artificial sedatives.

2. It’s energizing & uplifting. "We associate citrus with cleanliness. Their top notes go straight up the sinuses to the head and make us feel better, fitter, and even more confident and in control," says Cynthia LaBonte, aromatherapist and herbalist at Newport Aromatherapy.

3. It’s calming and balancing. Orange fragrance has uplifting properties but is also calming and balancing providing a positive relief of tensions in the mind and body and assisting with insomnia, improving sleep quality.

4. It’s sexy. Citrus fruits are considered a mild aphrodisiac and can help rev up your libido, even boosting confidence and performance in the bedroom.

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