The sense of smell can be incredibly powerful, and lavender may just be the most powerful of all scents. Not only does it smell wonderful, but it also has been shown to affect our moods in many different ways. Experts say the gentle scent can boost feelings of wellbeing and reduce feelings of sadness. The aromatic herb is believed to have anti-anxiety properties, which may be due to its ability to release endorphins. Since it is a natural stress reliever, lavender can help anyone who deals with regular bouts of stress. And, it can even be useful in treating headaches and migraines because the scent is a natural pain reliever.

More ways to use this beautiful calming scent:

1. USE SACHETS. Put lavender in sachets and hang them in closets or drawers to deter moths from damaging clothes.

2. MAKE HOMEMADE TOOTHPASTE. Use lavender as a potpourri or combine it with mint leaves for a refreshing homemade toothpaste.

3. DIFFUSE IT. Try diffusing the fresh smell of lavender throughout your home by either burning some sticks or spraying diluted essential oil onto water in a spray bottle.

4. CARRY IT WITH YOU. If you want to take advantage of the relaxing effects lavender provides, experts recommend keeping a sachet in your bag so you can sniff when needed.

5. GREAT FOR HAIR. Apply a few drops to your scalp or hair before washing and conditioning.

6. ADD FRAGRANCE TO BATH. Take a hot bath with some drops added. The relaxing fragrance helps unwind your muscles while the steam provides relief from sore muscles and tension headaches caused by too much time spent hunched over a computer screen!

7. USE WITH BATH SALTS. Try our Lavender & Chamomile fizzing soaking salts . It's a natural and organic tranquil combination of Dead Sea Salts, Chamomile Powder and Lavender Flowers combined with a relaxing and calming aromatherapy combination of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to help you destress and reset!